Active at Home   

In light of the significant impact coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on people’s lives and their ability to undertake physical activity and exercise outside of the home, we have collaborated with a panel of experts to curate a directory of free online antenatal and postnatal workout content to help you stay active at home.

Active at Home


When deciding which activity you may like to try, it is important to consider your current activity level.  Guidance provided by the UK Chief Medical Officers advises pregnant women who are already active to keep going but to listen to their bodies and adapt, while women who are new to activity should start gradually. Postnatal women, depending on birth experience and the outcome of the 6 – 8 week postnatal check, may resume or start activity gradually and build up intensity slowly over a minimum period of 3 months.

To help you find suitable activities to try at home, we have worked with a panel of experts to review and select a range of workout content. We have stated if an activity may be considered low, moderate or vigorous intensity, and if it is recommended for women who are already active or new to activityIf you have any questions about whether a particular activity is safe for you, and/or you suffer discomfort while taking part, please get in touch with your healthcare professional before continuing with the activity.


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A panel of antenatal and postnatal experts will periodically review information and content for this page, which may then be updated. We welcome comments from users, so please get in touch with feedback.

General Fitness

Vicky Warr general fitness.png

Some general pregnancy workouts from experienced instructor Vicky Warr

Jess Ennis General Fitness.png

Circuit workouts by trimester from athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jane Wake General Fitness.png

A combination of workouts for pregnant women from experienced instructor Jane Wake

bodyfit by amy general fitness.png

Workouts for pregnant and postnatal women from American instructor BodyFit by Amy

mummyfit general fitness.png


A workout for active postpartum women by experienced instructor Jenny Drage

carifit general fitness.png

Babywearing workouts brought to you by CARiFiT

Please read the TICKS rule for safe babywearing before trying these workouts:



Vicky Warr Strength.png

Strength workouts suitable for ante and postnatal women from Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr

Bodyfit by amy strength.png

Antenatal and postnatal strengthening workouts from American instructor BodyFit by Amy

Yoga & Pilates

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 15.17.40.png

Low intensity yoga workout for pregnant women and new mums reviewed by the NHS

appleyoga .png

A low-moderate yoga series for pregnant women from experienced instructor Katy Appleton

Jane Wake Yoga and Pilates.png

Pilates workouts for pregnant women

bodyfit amy yoga.png

Antenatal and postnatal pilates workouts from American instructor BodyFit by Amy


A prenatal Pilates workout delivered by experienced instructor Melissa James

specialist pilates online.png

Pilates workout delivered by specialist Pilates instructor Hayley Jarvill MCSP


Live Content & Apps

insta 1.png
insta 2.png

Free to join classes of varying intensities posted on their Instagram page.


Workouts for pregnant and postnatal women available.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 16.08.19.png
Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 16.23.15.png

Live workouts provided (free) via Instagram Live on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.


These are then available on IGTV.


Suitable for active ante and postnatal women.



Moderate to high intensity cardio, strength and body conditioning classes for pregnant and postnatal women.


Live workouts available every weekday via MummyFIT LIVE along with pre-recorded content with MummyFIT at HOME.


MummyFIT are offering a free first taster session to LIVE and a free month to the MummyFIT at HOME (recorded) services during lockdown. Please check the website for subscription costs before registering.

At home with your kids? Visit Sport England’s Stay In, Work Out hub 

for ideas on how to be active together

If you are a qualified ante and/or postnatal instructor and have content to share, please let us know by emailing


Active: Taking part in 150 minutes or more of moderate intensity activity per week.

Inactive: Doing less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week.

Moderate Intensity Activity: Activity where you raise your breathing rate whilst still being able to hold a conversation. Vigorous Intensity Activity: Activity that leaves you out of breath or sweating. These activities require a large amount of effort and cause rapid breathing and a substantial increase in heart rate.


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Without limiting the scope of this disclaimer, please note we have not reviewed live stream or app content.


We would like to thank the following members of the This Mum Moves steering group who supported in the content review process for this webpage:

  • Dr Marlize de Vivo - Biokineticist (HPCSA); Sports Rehabilitator, GSR (BASRaT); Senior Research Fellow, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Dr Lou Atkinson, Lecturer, Aston University, and Lead Master Instructor, Core Health & Fitness
  • Tamsin Brooks MCSP HPC, Specialist pelvic and women’s health physiotherapist and POGP member
  • Vicky Gilroy, Projects and Evaluation Lead, Institute of Health Visiting

We would also like to extend thanks to the Active Pregnancy Foundation for their involvement in the selection and criteria development process, and Philippa Bishop, Institute of Health Visiting, for her support in reviewing content.