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Give your child the best beginning with Baby Buddy! 


Developed by UK charity Best Beginnings in collaboration with parents, healthcare professionals and partner charities across the country: the free Baby Buddy app is with you throughout your pregnancy and parenting journey, day by day. 


Whether you're a mum, dad, co-parent or caregiver, Baby Buddy is here to empower you to feel confident, giving you the knowledge and practical skills to look after yourself and give your child the best start

New features

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"Overall all the app is brilliant – a really useful resource for new and prospective parents for looking up and saving pregnancy and baby-related information"  

-a new mum and Baby Buddy 2.0 beta tester

Things to know about Baby Buddy 2.0

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to set up a new account with the new app?

Yes. Whether you have used the original Baby Buddy app or not, you will need to create a new account. Simply go to 'Join Us' to get started. You can create an account with the same email and password you used for the old Baby Buddy, but none of your old data will be automatically carried over.

What will happen to my account on the old Baby Buddy app?

You will still be able to use your account on the old Baby Buddy app until the end of 2021. During this time, we encourage users to switch over to the new Baby Buddy 2.0 app, before the old app is removed from app stores.

Will I lose all my Bump/Baby Diary entries in the new app?

Don’t worry, you can request a PDF export of all of your bump / baby diary notes from the old Baby Buddy app. To request an export, just email: babybuddy@bestbeginnings.org.uk

Will I be able to transfer any data from my existing account, to the new app?

Unfortunately not. This is a brand new app, with a brand new system. But you can still request a PDF export of your bump/baby diary. To request an export, just email: babybuddy@bestbeginnings.org.uk

Will I still be able to use the old version of Baby Buddy?

Yes, but only until the end of 2021, at which point we will remove the old Baby Buddy app from the app stores, so you’ll no longer be able to install it or download updates.

Is the data I enter into the new app safe and stored securely?

Yes. Your data is stored safely and securely and not shared or sold to any third parties. You can read our full privacy notice here: www.babybuddyapp.co.uk/privacy-notice

Can I sync my child’s NHS data to the app?

Not yet, but coming soon to the new app will be the ability to sync your child’s Digital Redbook, including vaccination details and growth records!

What is NHS Login and how does it work?

You can now create a Baby Buddy account using NHS login. NHS login allows you to access different digital health and care services using the same account. You can read more about it here: www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/online-services/nhs-log-in/

Is the NHS Login feature available to everyone in the UK?

No. NHS login is only available to users in England.

Is the new app still free?

Yes! Baby Buddy 2.0 is free to download, with no adverts, and no in-app purchases. The app is developled by Best Beginnings; a charity committed to empowering parents, co-parents and caregivers.

How does Baby Buddy support LGBTQ+ parents?

We’ve widened our support for LGBTQ+ parents in the new app, with a new personalised daily information journey for Mums with a female partner and Mums with a non-binary partner. Users can select the pronouns that Baby Buddy uses to refer to your partner. We are working hard to continue improving Baby Buddy to be as inclusive as possible.

Are any of the features from the old Baby Buddy app no longer available?

Some of the features from the old app have not been carried over to the new one. 'Goal Setting' and 'Local Support' are no longer available, but we hope to bring new and improved versions of these to you in the future. Instead of the 'Bump/Baby book', you can now record your thoughts, feelings and notes in the 'Developments' section of the new app. In terms of local support, you can now search for maternity units and services across the country in the brand new, 'Choice of Place of Birth' feature.

Can I still only have one child / pregnancy in my account?

No, you can now add multiple children and pregnancies to your account!

Can I use the new app if my child is older than 6 months old?

Yes! Baby Buddy now provides personalised daily information up until you child is 1 year old. We are working on extending this all the way to baby's 5th birthday.

What happens to the information and records in the app once my child is over 1 year old? How can I keep a record of what's in there?

Your information will remain safe in the account unless you decide to remove it. You can also request an export of your children's data at any time, by going to 'Settings' in the 'Baby' section of Baby Buddy 2.0

Can my partner use Baby Buddy as well?

Yes! Baby Buddy now has personalised journeys for mums, dads and co-parents. Invite your partner to sign up to Baby Buddy. You can share child records and create shared spaces with other users of the app.

Can I use Baby Buddy if I am a Dad?

Yes, the new app contains personalised daily information for Dads from pregnancy until your baby is 1 year old. You can also now select a male-looking Baby Buddy avatar, and browse 'Discover' articles written specifically for Dads.

Will fathers/co-parents be able to see the same information and alerts as me/will I be able to see the alerts they are sent?

New Daily Information in Baby Buddy has been written by real fathers and co-parents, for real fathers and co-parents. Every day, you will be getting slightly different, personalised content to your partner. However, why not use this chance to share what you have learnt with your partner! Alerts are specific to you. In order to get the most personalised experience of Baby Buddy, make sure you enable notifications in your Settings.

If I set up a shared space with a co-parent, will they be able to access any other parts of my app?

No, they’ll just be able to see articles, videos and questions that you have shared to the Space.

Can I share Baby Buddy content withothers using social media?

Yes. You can share links to content in the app via any channel you wish (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email). Just click on 'Share' at the bottom of each article.

How do I know the information in the app is trustworthy?

All of the information in the app has been carefully written by Best Beginnings' content team, in collaboration with our Parent Panel, National Charity Partners and is clinically assured by an editorial board consisting of representatives from key health organisations in the UK: www.bestbeginnings.org.uk/editorial-board

Endorsing Organisations

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Content to 1st birthday

Get bite-sized advice and information every day throughout pregnancy and the first year of your baby’s life.


daily info for dads

 Baby Buddy is the first app in the world to offer personalised daily information to dads on their pregnancy and parenting journey. 


choice of place of birth

Find information about local maternity services where you can choose to give birth; with data on 400+ maternity units across the UK.


personal care & support plans

Create your personal health and wellbeing plan for pregnancy, labour and birth. Download and share with healthcare professionals on your journey.


digital child health records

 Record baby growth, vaccinations and developmental milestones, as well as appointment notes and letters to your baby.